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Video Marketing for Your Business

video marketingAs the meaning of television grows to more and more include web distributed and downloadable video, your free (or, at least, extremely cheap) opportunity to use the world’s new take on commercials is finally here…and it’s yours for the taking, if you know how to get the most out of it.

There are as many ways to get customers from a promotional web video as there are products that are advertised by them, and the path to web video success will take some specifics depending on what you are selling and who you are selling it to. But regardless of your industry and even your market, there are a few universal guidelines to the most successful web videos to promote products.

The Internet is the Ultimate Playground for A.D.D

The first is make a video that will hold web surfers’ focus.
And what better way to hold their focus than to not have to worry about holding their focus? Generally speaking, videos for most products and services should be kept under a minute in duration, ninety seconds if absolutely necessary. Basically, get all the information, as well as why your viewer can’t afford to not buy your product or service, out there clearly…before they click away from your video.

Say What You Need to Say

That said, the way in which your information is given is vital to its ultimate result: the viewer either becoming a consumer of your product, or not. Needless to say, your information needs to be clear, concise and coherent. But it should also be interesting. You can use mystery to keep the viewer glued to their screen, or flashy text and exclaimed words to make them wait to hear everything you have to say.

A virtually fail proof way to create and build interest is through comedy: while you will always need to be careful not to come off as offensive to potential customers, if you can make them laugh, they will almost feel a personal connection and link your product to one that has real people, who are in business for more than just insincerely feeding a bottom line, standing behind it…not to mention, it will make them keep watching, and is a sure fire way to get many of them to share it with people they know.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Videos should stress content over aesthetic. That is to say, don’t worry about the green screen and the otherworldly sound effects at least until after you have made your video one that is sufficient alone.

Do it again. And again
Producing a series of videos is a great way to get them noticed.

Tag, You’re It!
Tag videos appropriately. Make sure you know whether or not the site you post them to says to separate them with commas, or else you’ll end up with one giant tag that no one in their right mind would ever type in, and therefore your tags will fail to do their job. Find common ones.

Spread the Joy
Some good ways to get your video out to the masses, besides tagging, are to add other channels as friends, subscribe to them, comment and favorite other videos. Post your videos on a blog, a website, and get any and every blogger you know to do the same. Use a syndication system to get your videos out there.

Nuts and Bolts

The right software and hardware obviously means the difference between videos and no videos. Get a camera that works with your computer, a USB to connect it to your computer if necessary. Read the camera’s manual to learn how to use and care for it, and learn about the different types of video files. If you’re the worst videographer in the world (and there are many), or if you can’t hold the camera while appearing in your own videos (again, loads of people have trouble here) you might want a tripod. See if your computer has built in video editing software: if not, you can always purchase one or download an open source (free!) program.

Free Love

Finally, a great way to get people to buy your real product is to get them to feel as though they gain from watching your videos. It could just be a laugh that you give them, a weather report or a daily living tip of some sort. Direct them to where they can download a wallpaper of your logo. It could be anything…But if they get this much out of just watching your video, imagine what benefits they’ll reap from owning your product!

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