The WordPress Content Management System

wordpress cmsThere is no debate that WordPress is one of the most widely used website creation and management programs available. It is free to download and install so the initial cost can be almost nothing. The only things you need are a domain name and your own hosting account. But what if you have a small business and don’t want to spend the time to install and maintain WordPress yourself? What if you feel that you don’t have the limited technical skills needed? Then there are plenty of services available from websites like this one that will help you for far less than the cost of hiring a programmer/developer to build you a hand-coded html site.

WordPress for Small Business Needs

WordPress can be used to handle virtually any web presence need a small business has. In addition to incorporating the well known WordPress blogging platform, WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS). With WordPress you can make a website with any number of stand alone pages and content and also have a blog page where you can put up interesting and original content to keep your customers coming back to your site.

What is a Content Management System?

It is software program that lets you create and manage the pages on your web site. WordPress is one of the easiest programs available to build your web presence through a content management system. It is not only very powerful, but with the built in tools can be easily learned and used by almost anyone. WordPress can even be used to set up a traditional website that does not even include a blog. Because WordPress was designed for ease in managing changing content, a WordPress website can easily be kept at the top of the Search Engine Rankings. Changing content and frequently updated websites are loved by search engines like Google. WordPress makes it easy to publish new content without having to know a bit of computer programming. This website is using WordPress as a very simple CMS.

How Costly is a WordPress Site?

When you install, configure, and maintain a site yourself, the cost is almost free. To hire me just to install and configure WordPress so you can then take it over can cost as little as $55.00. To hire me to set up a website similar to this one and provide some initial support and training would cost only $160.00. If ongoing maintenance and support is desired so that a person can concentrate on their business and on providing fresh content for their site, monthly service and support plans start at only $49.00 per month. WordPress is a very powerful and affordable option whether you do everything yourself or hire someone to do everything for you.

WordPress or Blogger? Again

bloggerWe regularly get a variation on the question: “Should I use WordPress or can I just use Blogger?” My answer has not changed in the year since I wrote this article. The answer is almost always “WordPress, with one possible exception”.

The only small advantage that Blogger has over WordPress is a somewhat easier installation and maintenance routine. If you are setting up only a small, personal blog, not using it for any business needs, have no budget at all for a web presence, and want to have no need to even think of anything in technical terms, maybe Blogger will work for you. You will have much less control and customizing ability. You will also not have your own domain name. (i.e. you can not have your Blogger site at But it does work for millions of people that want very little from their website, don’t mind how long it takes to get their site known and well read, and don’t care about search engine rankings or name recognition. Think of it this way… It is easier to ride a bike than to drive a car. But if you want to get from San Francisco to Chicago, or even just 10 miles to work tomorrow morning, it will be more efficient to drive a car rather than walk. Blogger is as simple as it gets but you pay for that simplicity in ways that may not be evident at the outset.

I have set up WordPress installations for many individuals and businesses and have really only come across one very small subset of users that have not been able to use WordPress to its fullest potential. If someone has a very limited ability to understand computers and computer programs or does not have the time to install, configure, and maintain a WordPress site, they can still get what they need by hiring one of us service providers to get it up and running for them. However, if they then don’t take the small amount of time required to maintain the site AND don’t want to pay for a very affordable monthly maintenance contract from one of us service providers, they can become quite frustrated. Their site will still work, but they won’t be getting anywhere near the full potential of what it can offer them or their business.

A WordPress site requires a very small commitment of time or a small budget to get the wide exposure needed to successfully grow your web presence. Decide to make this commitment and you will be very happy.

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